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>>> This is what the editing features look like at the Basic Level. <<<

Edit the content's values and press the "Save this Page" button.

To protect you from making changes that would put your search engine postion at risk, there are certain items like titles and headings that you can not change. Also be careful with making large changes to the on-page text. Small changes are fine, but large changes can put your search engine results at risk. Check with Inngenious before making large changes.

Content Name: homepage

Page Title - shows up in the bar (title tag) at the top of the browser
Thousand Island Bed and Breakfast: The Found Inn

Content Heading - Shows up as the large text (H1) just below the top of the page
The Found Inn, a Thousand Islands Bed and Breakfast, awaits your company.

Meta-Description - Not visible to viewers but shows up in search engines
Copper Miners' Rest, Miami Arizona's unique Bed and Breakfast, awaits the pleasure of your company.

Meta-Keywords - Not visible to viewers but helps a bit with search engines
thousand islands ny bed and breakfast, thousand islands bed and breakfast, wolf island, wolf island ny, bed and breakfast, efficiency, b &amp; b, b&amp;b, bb, bed &amp; breakfast, inn, vacation, visit, visiting, staying

On-page content - This is what shows up on the page.

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