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Our three year-old playing on the breakfast table

This Saturday it was so cute, Ryan (our exuberant yet temperamental 14 month old) was playing with clay on the table and then decide to hop around on the table. It is so cute, when you stay with us at the Lost Inn Bed and Breakfast, you can still see the little smears from the bottom of his feet on the table top.

We think it is important to let kids roam and not set boundaries on them. Sure it makes them difficult to handle but we wouldn't want them to learn how to cope in a world that puts restrictions on them, that would be silly. Ryan is also learning to use door knobs so if he happens to make his way into your room, just tell him to hide for hide-n-seek and when he runs to go hide, just lock your door and forget all about the interruption.

We'll be sending him to the little feet academy in the ... Read more

I'm a poet and didn't know it

The other day I was cleaning the garage while waiting for some guests to arrive (they were late, I was pissed) and my mind started wandering and the next thing I knew I was crafting a poem in my head. I really enjoyed it so I thought I would share this poem with you. I call it "Ode to a hedge clipper" and hope that it will inspire you to come stay with us at the Lost Inn B&B. You too can craft poetry in our luxurious garage amidst the splendidly arranged lawn equipment. Mine goes something like this ... Read more

Stay away from this restaurant

We had guests (Peggy and Walt Smith from Muncie IN) that went to The Village Idiot Tavern yesterday, and they reported that they were treated very badly. This restaurant is two buildings down from us but is definitely not worth the walk. When you enter you have to seat yourself, and then they said that the waitress asked them for ID when they ordered beer. Well Peggy and Walt are in their 30's and clearly look it, so they should not have been subjected to asking for ID. The food apparently arrived later than they had expected so they had to eat in a hurry to get back here to the Lost Inn Bed and Breakfast so they could watch the start of the football game in our living room (the tv in their room at the Lost Inn B&B is broken ). When the waitress asked them if they'd like desert they snapped that they didn't have time to wait and they had to rush and demanded the check. The waitress made a mistake and charged them for a bowl of soup when they had ordered a cup, so then the Smith's had to yell for the manager to get it right. Needless to say when they got back here to the Lost Inn Bed and Breakfast they had missed part of the game and did a bit of yelling at the TV which some of our other guests here at the Lost Inn didn't quite appreciate. The tale then continued at breakfast where... Read more


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