Inngenious B&B Web Site Promotion

Bed and Breakfast Web Site Services

I offer two services when it comes to bed and breakfast web sites. Web site design and web site promotion. Whether I am doing design or promotion, I am always doing search engine optimization (SEO). I will not build a web site that is not optimized for search engines. Some designers do it as an afterthought, and some don't know enough to do it at all, even though they charge you for it. It is the primary service I offer. It is just a question as to whether I am optimizing a site that has already been built by someone else or one that I am building.

I currently have a 6-9 month waiting list for website development. If this time-frame will work for you, feel free to contact me about getting on my waiting list.

Web Site Design for Bed and Breakfasts

I only produce web sites for Bed and Breakfasts. I know our special niche very well and I have no need or intention to build web sites for hotels or any non-B&B organization. You may have noticed that I always refer to what "I" do. This is because I only employ one designer....Me. That is how I assure quality. Your web site will never be handed off to someone else with less experience. The sites I build are designed based on DreamWeaver's template system in combination with a stylesheet to allow changes to be made across a site rapidly and uniformly.

You have a choice of whether I design a traditional html based site for you or one using a content management system (CMS). If you have experience working with websites and own your own web editing software then you may want a traditional html site. However if you are inexperienced with making websites the CMS allows you to make changes to the text and images on your site without worry of damaging the important, search engine related aspects of the site. See this page for a comparison of a standard html based site and a CMS based site.

Web Site Promotion for Bed and Breakfast Sites

Having a great website is only a start. You need to make sure people are finding it and using it to come stay with you. There is no magic percentage for how many guests should be coming from your website. If your beds aren't full, then there is some indication that your web site may need more promotion. Each web site is different. It may need optimization so search engines will display it, it may need to appear in more B&B related directories. Solutions should not be rushed into without research, and I will not try to push a solution that you don't actually need. The methods I use are legitimate and I will take the time to make sure you understand what it is that I am doing. Most of the time it is just following the web promotion advice I already give freely. To me it is important that the solution to your needs is a lasting one and does not build an uneccesary dependence on me. Many "promotion specialists" push the envelope of what is acceptable and put your website at risk for the long term. In my mind this is unnacceptable. Risky methods are nothing more than trying to take a shortcut that will come back to haunt you later.