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Resources for Starting a Bed and Breakfast / Innkeeper Resources

Innkeeper Forums

Forums for innkeepers can be a great place to get help and share ideas. You can learn a lot by just reading (lurking) the past discussions and by reading the ongoing ones, but you learn a lot more by actually participating. Ask questions, answer questions and make some new friends in the business.

  • ~ An Innkeeper Forum - An active forum with some very experienced innkeepers and aspiring innkeepers who aren't afraid to ask questions to help themselves get where they want to be. Also contains recipes, resources and articles.
  • B&B Talk ~ Bed and Breakfast Forum - This forum/blog is run by Kit Cassingham and has some great info.

B&B Consultants

  • Bed and Breakfast Consulting - Kit Cassingham has sound advice on starting / purchasing / running a bed and breakfast. She offers courses, counseling and eBooks. Also has lots of information on Green Innkeeping (environmentally sound).

B&B Planning

  • B&B Planning Spreadsheet - A set of three Excel worksheets that allow you to do some planning and estimating for the potential income from a B&B. Just enter your values in any of the yellow boxes. (Disclaimer: This is for planning only, it should not be used for tax purposes or book-keeping, nor should you rely on its accuracy).