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Sometimes when you have an old page no longer exists, you want to redirect to some other page, or if you have multiple web addresses for the same website you want them all to redirect to the one site. The probelm is there are several methods to redirect from one page or website to another. Only one method proves to be search engine friendly. The 301 Redirect is search engine friendly because it carries the message "this page or site has moved permanently". As opposed to the 302 redirect which says, this page has moved temporarily. A search engine doesn't know what to do with a temporary move so it typically removes the old page and the new page until you make up your mind.

It is important to verify that your redirect method is correct. Enter the address for the page you are redirecting (the old address) and this tool will tell you where the redirect is going and what kind of redirect it was. This tool also tells you what type of server the website is running on (Linux, Windows...).

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