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One measure of a web page's importance is the number of incoming links (meaninglessly called backlinks) that a page receives. The more incoming links a page has, the more important it is deemed to be. Notice that I am specifically referring to pages and not the site as a whole. Typically the home page of a site has the most incoming links, but it is possible that a very valuable page within your site might have several incoming links (called deep links) directly to that page. For example, if you had a dining guide page that is well written, it is possible that people may link to it. A healthy site will have lots of incoming links to the home page and a very healthy site will have some incoming deep links to other pages as well.

There is no magic number for backlinks. In general it is a relative thing. You simply want to have more incoming links (and better quality incoming links) than the other B&B's that you are competing with in the search engines. Very competitive regions will have the top listed B&Bs having hundreds of incoming links, while less popular areas may see inns being competitive with only 20 or 30 incoming links.

Roughly speaking, if one search engine is aware of the incoming link, it is likely that all the major search engines are aware of it. However, Google has a nasty habit of under-reporting the number of incoming links by approximately 90%. So if Google reports you have 10 incoming links and Yahoo reports 100 incoming links, you can bet Google is aware of as many links as Yahoo is. For this reason I advise using Yahoo as the best single search engine for checking your backlinks.

The format of the link search is the same on each search engine. Example: in Google just type "" into the search box (replace with the actual address of your site). Or replace the home page address with the address of one of your other pages. You can use these search boxes below to quickly check each of the major search engines to see how many incoming links they are reporting for the PAGE (not site) that you are typing in. Of course if you want just a fast summary for all three search engines go to my Link Popularity Summary tool.

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Note: currently Google reports only ~10% of the links it knows about.

MSN Search

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One definite way to improve a site's position in the search engines is to get more high quality incoming links.

Hope you find this helpful. - Steve

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