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When a search engine spider crawls your web pages, it usually takes what it reads and adds it to the index of the search engine. If a page is not indexed, it can not be returned as a listing to someone's search. It is important that as many pages of your website as possible are indexed.

Some common reasons why all pages of your web site might not be indexed:

  • An error in the code or navigation prevents the spider from reaching every page.
  • Your site is too new or has too few incoming links for the search engine to bother indexing all of your pages. The more important your site gets, the more deeply it gets crawled.
  • The pages that have not been indexed may have no text to be read.


The format of the site search is the same on each search engine. Example: in Google just type "" into the search box (replace with the actual address of your site). You can use these search boxes below to quickly check each of the major search engines to see if their spiders are finding all the pages on your web site.

should look like
MSN Search

should look like

Note: currently MSN counts way too many pages (don't be too alarmed)

should look like

If you find that many of your pages are missing from the index one or more of these search engines, it may be the sign of a problem (unless your site is only a few months old).

Hope this helps - Steve

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