Inngenious B&B Web Site Promotion

Bed and Breakfast WebSite Tools

Here is a collection of website tools that can be helpful for examining the "health" of your B&B website and your online marketing efforts. None of these tools can definitively answer the question of whether your marketing efforts are enough. Only you can answer that. If you are as full as you want to be, then your efforts are currently enough. If you need more heads in your beds, then these tools may help indicate where your efforts should be directed.

Search Engine Analysis Tools

Search Engine Indexing
This set of three tools will show you how many pages are currently indexed by the major search engines.
See what the search engines see
This nice little tool allows you to "see" the information on a page that search engine spiders see.
Myriad Search
This search engine allows you to see the results of the big search engines all on one page. Very fast, helpful, and no ads. A very useful tool for seeing the health of your site across multiple search engines.
Find your site's position in Google
Don't waste time looking through page after page on Google to find where you show up for various searches. This page will find your site for you and tell you your position.
Hub Finder
This uses Yahoo to find "Hub" sites that may have importance (authority sites) and should be considered for requesting / paying for a link from them.

Web Site and Page Tools

Incoming Link Count
This set of tools reveals how many incoming links (backlinks) a page has. If you want a shorter summary from the three major search engines, try this Link Popularity Summary tool.
Domain Forwarding Check
If you are forwarding one domain name to another domain name (if you own more than one web address but have them all going the same place) it is important that the forwarding is done correctly. The correct method for forwarding a site is a 301 redirect. This tool will examine your redirect method and let you know what method is being used. If a method other than 301 is being used, it may be causing you some serious problems.
Domain name information and history
This domain look-up tool is better than most whois tools in that it gives a lot more information about a site including meta-tag information, listings in DMOZ and the Yahoo Directory
Html Validator
This validation tool checks to make sure the code that makes up a web page is valid. Most pages have some errors, the trick is in knowing which errors have no consequence, and which ones are spider stoppers. (There is not room for that book to be written here.)
Compare your page to another page
This tool provides interesting information by letting you see one of your pages side-by-side with some other pages (like a competitors' pages).
Web page speed check (not available yet)
This checks the size of the entire page including images to see if your page is loading too slow and annoying potential guests.
Link Opportunity Locator
This allows you to use the power of Google and Yahoo to find pages that may be open to creating a link to your website.

B&B Website Development Tools

Cascading Style Sheet Tutorials and Models
This collection has links to some nice tutorials, references and CSS masters who give you something to work toward.
Latitude and Longitude Locator
Uses a Google map to locate an address and determine the latitude and longitude of the location. Also allows for adjusting the location.